What does a teddy bear, an artificial heart, and a poisonous frog all have in common? Besides possessing the ability of being very tiny, absolutely nothing. This list features 12 items that are tinier versions of their normal selves.

1. Smallest Gun

gun This SwissMiniGun is a double action revolver and has all the same features that are found on a real size gun. The six-shot revolver – which is no bigger than a key – fires tiny bullets at over 270mph which is more than enough to kill at close range.

2. Smallest Carcar1

Weighing only 150 lbs – and the mpg to match –  the Peel P50 Microcar is the smallest car ever approved for street use.

3. Smallest Teapotteapot

Weighing in at only 1.4 grams is the world’s smallest teapot.

4. Smallest Postal Servicepostal

Although I fail to see the utility in tiny mail it is pretty cool. The World’s Smallest Postal Service located in San Francisco transforms your mail into a miniature version before sending it.

5. Smallest Poisonous Frogfrog1

The Poison Dart Frog can only be found on the western slopes of the Andes Mountains in Ecuador. Which is good news because it’s the most deadly amphibian on the planet.

6. Smallest Artworkart

Suffering from dyslexia, Willard Wigan is exceptional at creating minuscule artwork.

7. Smallest Teddy Bearteddy

German artist Bettina Kaminski created a teddy bear standing only 5mm tall.

8. Smallest CameraKameras aus dem Salzstreuer

This inexpensive disposable camera is about the size of a coarse grain of salt. It’s tininess gives it very valuable medical applications.

9. Smallest Model Train Settrain set

The world’s tiniest model train features a train track, and a five-car functional train.

10. Smallest Jet Airplanejetairplane

The Bede BD-5J weighing just over 350 pounds, is the smallest jet-powered aircraft in the world. It’s capable of reaching speeds up to 300 mph.

11. Smallest Artificial Heart14

The world’s smallest artificial heart, was designed for a 16-month-old baby who had dilated cardiomyopathy, a degenerative condition of the heart wall. It served as a replacement for 13 days until a donor was found.

12. Smallest Drilldrill

Created by Lance Abernethy, the tiny tool is powered by a hearing aid battery. It measures just 17mm tall, 13mm long and 7.5mm wide, with a 0.5mm twist drill that can pierce soft objects.

12 Of The Tiniest Fully Functional Objects Ever
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