Every new relationship is different, and with it comes a brand new experience. You never really know what it will turn into until you give it a try. Some will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth, some will be fun for awhile, but if you’re lucky one will last. Here are 13 types of relationships you may find yourself in.

1. Codependent

codephandcuffsYou or your partner can’t be away from each other. You look to one another for happiness and often feel depressed when you’re not with each other. You simply don’t know how to function when you’re apart.

2. Controllingcontrol

You feel the need to dictate and know every aspect of your partners life. You smother one another with demands to have them act the way you think they should. You feel like a parent and a child rather than two people in a relationship. It’s difficult to speak your mind to each other.

3. ReboundK8iF3TXiNrgRNH4H

One of you is fresh out of a relationship and you’re afraid of facing the reality of your recent breakup alone, so you look to someone else to fill the void.

4. Temporary


You both really like each other and have fun together but for whatever reason do not see a future together.

5. Open


You and someone else agree that you do not want to be exclusive. You both want the freedom to flirt, date, or hook-up with whoever you want without the feeling of guilt.

6. Compromisingtoo-much-dominance

You and your partner both really want love so you do everything to make it work. You change everything to accommodate the other person – not because you have to, because you want to. You leave each other feeling exhausted from constantly trying to be what the other wants.

7. Toxictoxicrelationship

Where the highs are very high and the lows are very low. You both really want to be with each other, the sex is great, but you can’t stand each other. Your morals, ethics, and opinions differ so greatly that you’re constantly at each other throats. This relationship will leave you feeling mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted.

8. Purely Sexualapps_to_improve_sex_life

Booty-calls. The only time you want to see each other is to have sex. You both sexually satisfy the other, but not much else.

9. Everything But Sexshutterstock_51414559

The connection is there, the attraction is there, you both get along great, but for some reason the intimacy just isn’t happening. You don’t feel like having sex with each other – you’re basically friends.

10. The TrophyArtist-Parades-White-Women-Around-His-Neck-Like-Trophy-Scarves

You’re with each other because one of you wants to show off. They’re successful, they’re financially well-off, or just ridiculously attractive. It’s a very materialistic relationship.

11. The Shouldhugging

Everyone – your friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers – see you two together and don’t understand why you’re not dating. According to everyone else the two of you should be an item. The both of you see otherwise.

12. Long Distance21-things-ive-learned-about-long-distance-relationship

The emotional connection is there but you’re lacking physically. You have physical needs that can’t be met because your partner can’t actually be there. You’re more physically active with you phone and laptop than you are with each other.

13. Emotional Affairemotional_affair

These can sometimes happen without you even realizing it. You or the other person is currently in a relationship but become emotionally infatuated with each other. You begin spending more and more time with this person at the expense of their current relationship. Although nothing physical ever happens, looking to someone else to meet your emotional needs is not something your current partner wants to hear.

13 Types Of Relationships You May Eventually Experience
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