Sometimes in life we may look too hard for the simple, “ah-ha” moments of joy and pleasure. They are not always a product of money, like buying a brand new Benz or indulging in a Gucci bag. According to @LifeCheating via Twitter, shown below are just a few of an infinite number of free ways we enjoy life that we should stop to acknowledge. Keep it simple, sugar.

1. Lying in bed on a stormy morning and not having to get up.


2. When you have had water in your ear all day, and then that nice fuzzy moment when it leaves your ear.

3. When something stuck between your teeth finally comes out.


4. The moment you see the waiter/waitress approaching with your meal.

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5. Opening your bedroom window after a long winter and the breezes brings in the smell of flowers and fresh-cut grass.

6. The little window of time where you’re lying in bed awake early in the morning, and remembering you don’t have to get up yet.

7. Finishing something you really dreaded doing and feeling accomplished.

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8. After a weekend away, going number 2 in your own bathroom.

9. When you’re able to make another person genuinely laugh.

10. Waking up feeling rested like you can take on anything that day.

11. Wearing fresh-from-the-dryer clothes.


12. Getting scratched in bed by your partner.

13. Having the song you like on the radio finish just as you pull into your driveway.

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14. Hearing that gentle crumbly sound your vacuum makes when it sucks something up.

15. Fresh sheets on your bed.


16. Laughing. Just laughing.

17. The first gulp of water after walking home on a hot day.

18. Taking your boots off after a long day in the snow.

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19. Taking off wet socks and putting on new ones.

20. Going to bed after taking a shower.

20 Life Pleasures That Are Completely Underrated
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