Walmart, the ultimate American superstore and time saver with one-stop shopping. Walmart, seemingly endless aisles stocked with almost every product imaginable at rock bottom prices. Walmart, the corporation that is destroying our country.

1. Walmart doesn’t create jobs, it eliminates them.

For every two low-paying positions Walmart creates, it ends three local jobs. This corporation reduces retail employment by 2.7% in each county where a store is opened. The net result is a total cost of 196,000 jobs just between 2001 and 2006. Walmart purposely seeks out medium sized towns where competition is limited and builds a large store that consequently forces “Mom and Pop” stores out of business as they cannot compete with the outlandishly low prices. These low prices can only come to fruition by the lack of quality, low employee wage, and government help.

2. Walmart jobs pay close to nothing.

The average worker there makes $8.81 an hour. After doing the math, this average full-time employee makes a little over $15,000 a year. Can you imagine a family relying on an income that is less than two-thirds of the poverty line? Not even 475,000 Walmart employees make over $25,000 a year. This is 14.5% less than comparable retailers in the industry. Walmart has even recently cancelled health insurance for employees working less than 30 hours a week and reduced coverage for other workers. This corporate behemoth knows that the typical Walmart employee has sought employment there as a last resort because of a lack of particular skills or education, and takes advantage of their unfortunate position.


3. Taxpayers are forced to flip the bill.

When employees receive such a low salary, the state has to step in to provide benefits. In this case, one Walmart store costs the state on average $1 million in public aid. The average Walmart employee receives $3,000 in federal assistance, such as food stamps, to compensate for the lack of employer benefits. Walmart is factually the largest employer of dependents using taxpayer-funded health insurance programs. Despite all the aid already dished out, a 2007 study found that Walmart has received an additional $1.2 billion in tax breaks, outsource financing, and governmental grants.

4. Walmart doesn’t sell quality products.

The majority of Walmart’s inventory has come straight from China after being manufactured in a slave-like, factory conditions. These products are meant to have a short life cycle so the consumer will inevitably return to replace them. On the other hand, Walmart could sell better quality products made build in the USA, but would never do so as to reduce their expenses as much as possible. “Quantity over quality” should be the unofficial Walmart slogan.

5. Walmart exploits international labor.

The topic of globalization, introduced by President Bill Clinton in the 90’s, is a hot issue as it sometimes benefits only large companies while factory workers suffer. Outsourcing and globalization can be put to good use only when providing foreign factory workers  suitable working conditions and a livable wage. Walmart would rather cruelly take advantage of this method by treating workers poorly and disregarding their general well-being. Walmart workers in Bangladesh factories make as little as 9 cent an hour producing goods. That goes to show how much Walmart really values human rights.

We may all like Walmart for it’s convenience and low prices on everything we need and sometimes don’t need. The conscience consumer must look into what those prices represent and try to comprehend how Walmart was able to make $473 billion in sales from 2014. Walmart is only able to offer the market these goods so cheaply because of poor employee wages and treatment, insufficiently manufactured products, taxpayer money, and governmental aid. The only reason we’re able to get something on “Rollback” at Walmart is because of the labor of the tired, underpaid factory worker in a country most of us couldn’t find on a map. When we support Walmart, we support all the injustices going on in not just our country, but all over the world, solely to fuel the increase of American greed catered by Walmart.


5 Reasons Why Walmart is Killing America
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