Let’s face it we have all been to a party that kinda sucked and that usually happens when you feel like getting turned up and raging. You walk in and the vibe is totally not there at all. People are just kind of standing around with a sour puss on their face and thinking the same thing that you are, “Wow I wish this was more fun or there was something less dreadful than this.” In that moment all hope feels lost, but I assure you there are steps to take to make even the most awfully boring party more fun!

1. Pump Up The Jams!

music on

Get that music blasting at maximum volume and make sure it is the best party tunes! Personally two of my favorites that are off the beaten path and have historically been known to get people riled up are “It wasn’t me” by Shaggy and “Ignition Remix” by R. Kelly. Something about those songs make people feel the rhythm in my experience, but it can really be any song that will make people sing loud and shout. Now, I don’t care if you have to fashion speakers out of some tin cans and a bundle of wire, you get that music loud and you’re on your way to a better party.

2. Dance!

dancing edm

This one goes hand in hand with the music. It doesn’t really matter if no one else is dancing or you don’t have a partner. I can’t tell you how many times I start dancing by myself because I’m just feeling it and feeling the vibes from the music. Trust me if you start dancing and are totally confident and into it people will join in and things will be headed in the right direction. At the odd chance no one joins in then screw them they are the worst ever and you should never party there again.

3. Get Those Games Going!

beer pong

Drinking games are always a fun time and give you a chance to join in on the fun of the party especially if you are shy. And here’s the best part, you don’t have to drink to play certain drinking games! There will be times I set up cups with water for pong just to get people off the couches and chairs and do something fun. The competitive nature of games allows for a fun and joking atmosphere which will give the party some extra spark.

4. Meet People Who Want To Party!

Company of clubbers

Now, some people just aren’t cut out for the party lifestyle and that’s okay, although you don’t want to be around those people at the party you are trying to make more fun. You might be shy at a party, but chances are most of the people there are just as shy as you are. Try to go outside your comfort zone a little bit or just do what you always do and go meet some people who wish the party was jumping just as much as you are. Finding a party buddy can be key because they might know of another party going on later, a club to go to,  or are just all about going wild and helping you get people with your mindset.

5. Start A Joke Everyone Can Be A Part Of!

party in yard

If you realize early on that the party sucks, start a joke that can be on going the whole night. For instance when people come in start saying “The ketchup is in the side room of the basement” and see how many people are calling it a keg by the end of the night. It can really be anything that will be funny and harmless, but don’t do anything mean or offensive because then that bad party just turned worse real quick.

So, here you have it. These are some ways to make a boring party more fun, but really in the end just feel the vibes and let the good times roll with the people you love! Party on friends!

5 Ways To Make A Boring Party More Fun
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