1. Microsoft HoloLens

I’m not sure an explanation is necessary after watching that, but here we go. What you just witnessed is the world’s first holographic computer that allows you to pin holograms in your physical environment with no wires and no connection to a PC needed. It features see-through, holographic, high-definition lenses and spatial sounds so you can see and hear holograms in the world around you. If this invention can actually do what is depicted in the video, it would literally change the meaning of reality.


2. Autonomous vehicles


Cars that drive themselves, no passenger needed. Do we really need this? Maybe not, but if the technology proves to be reliable than it would be amazing to have an invisible chauffeur for awhile. What happens if my non-existent driver hits a person? Do we arrest the car, slap an involuntary manslaughter charge on it and send it to vehicular prison? I guess we’ll find out.


3. Slingshot


This washing machine sized water purification device was created by Dean Kamen. It’s powered by an engine that runs on a combustible fuel source and can produce drinking water from almost any source. It requires no filters, and can operate using cow dung as fuel. It can pump out 250 gallons of clean water daily, making clean drinkable water for everyone a possibility in the near future.


4. Hyperloop


A revolutionary transit system that would shoot pods full of people around the country in above-ground tubes at 800 mph? Sold.


5. Oculus rift

Careful angry gamer’s I wouldn’t recommend throwing this at the wall every time your video game character dies.


6. Touch Screen Tables


For the low price of $7,000 we could all wake up every morning and eat breakfast on our emails or favorite movies.


7. Permanent Sunblock


I think I speak for every fair skinned individual when I say that this needs to happen. Imagine only having to apply sunblock once every six months. Those would be the days.

7 Inventions We Need Immediately That Would Change Everything
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