1. Zeus


Keeping it real Zeus “The father of gods and men” from Greek mythology has to come in at the top of this list. Zeus is the god of the sky, lightning, thunder, order  and justice. This god is so powerful, bad ass, and charismatic that he gets the title of the god of gods. Zeus is the head of all gods on Mount Olympus, this guy has tons of mercenary gods at his disposal. At any point he can go “Hey Poseidon (god of the sea) that town looks terrible can you put it under water for me?”, and yes Poseidon will do it because who is saying no to Zeus. Not just to mention all this power he has but Zeus has a way with the ladies. He goes down to earth and transforms into a swan and suddenly he can seduce just about any woman. I’m over here putting in time and effort to try and find a nice lady and Zeus just turns into a swan and it’s game over. Clearly Zeus has it going on and is an awesome mythological character.


2. Odin


Moving over to Norse Mythology we have another guy who has a resume for the gods, no pun intended. Odin is a god of healing, death, sorcery, battle, the gallows, knowledge, poetry, and frenzy. The Vikings praised and feared Odin like there’s no tomorrow and if you’ve ever known anything about the Vikings you know they’re off their rocker. So, if the Vikings feared Odin we should probably fear him too. Also known as Odin the wanderer, he had a sick beard and basically looks like the identical brother of Gandalf from Lord of the Rings and would pretty much take long solitary walks, hence why he was called the wanderer. Despite the fact he would tear down entire villages in a second if you pissed him off, he was a peaceful guy and seeker of wisdom which I respect in an all-powerful god.


3. ThorThor-and-Loki-myth-story-1124x660-cover


Here we are keeping it rolling with the Norse mythology. Zeus has some competition over there because Thor is the Norse god of Thunder. Although, Thor also wields a ridiculously powerful hammer, Mjollnir, that only he can hold and not to mention he has some luscious flowing hair that puts modern-day hair products to shame. Funny story about this hammer by the way, it is said he could kill the goats leading his chariot with the hammer, eat them, and then point the hammer at the bones to bring them back to life so he can be on his merry way in his chariot. Thor was seen as the most honorable and noble of warriors in which men of the time aspired to be like in battle, so he has every right to be on this list.


4. Cerberus


Cerberus, also spelled Kerberos, was a huge, scary looking three-headed dog with a serpent’s tail, mane of snakes, and the claws of a lion. This terrifying creature guarded the gates of Hades, the underworld in Greek mythology. Sure it seemed like such a good doggy when it was greeting and letting souls in, but good luck trying to get out past him without getting chomped, clawed, or poisoned by one of those snakes attached to his tail. Cerberus is definitely one of the meanest looking things mythology has mustered up.


5. Medusamedusa_by_robshields-d591vms


Well Medusa was kind of a crazy lady to put it bluntly. She was a beautiful fair-haired maiden who was also a priestess of Athens and vowed to a life of celibacy. However, she was seduced by Poseidon and married him forgetting her vows. The harlot was punished by Athena, her beautiful blonde hair was made frizzy and nappy…just kidding it was turned into a head of snakes! Also, her eyes were turned black and her skin was looking pretty bad after Athena was done with her. Not to mention that any man who looked into her eyes was turned to stone, so watch out Gents you don’t want to mess with this Chick.


6. Loki


I had to add Loki just because I love his trickster antics and mischievous nature, kinda reminds me of a young me in a way. Loki is a shape shifter which is his main tool in all the pranks he plays on people. Although the word ‘prank’ maybe isn’t the right word because usually the tricks he plays end in ultimate bloodshed, deception, and chaos. Although Loki is seen as well, kind of a dick, he’s an interesting character in mythology and has some entertaining stories surrounding him.


7. The Monkey King

monkey king

A supernatural being/deity in Chinese mythology, the Monkey king is literally king of the monkeys and relative to all monkeys. Despite that fact the Monkey king is one cool mythological character. His aliases include “Immortal Egg,” “King of the Apes,” and my favorite “Great Sage Equal of Heaven.” The Monkey King is said to be born out of a rock making him extremely strong and durable. He also ate the world’s freshest peaches from the Jade Emperors sacred garden making him immortal. The Monkey King is also a master of magic and can transform himself into about 72 different things. Also, clouds yeah he can turn them into vehicles that are able to travel 180,000 miles in one shot. This guy is literally indestructible with some gnarly stuff at his disposal.

7 Of The Coolest Mythological Characters
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