If you enjoy the everyday movie theater with the normal – and lets be honest well outdated – flip down seats, than this article is going to disappoint you. The theaters listed below have managed to maximize comfort and teach us the proper way to enjoy a movie. Just try not to fall asleep.

 1. Olympia Music Hall, France

cinemas-interior-beds__880Where they guarantee to deliver great entertainment, comfort, and bed bugs.

2. Electric Cinema, London

618_348_electric-cinema-top-movie-theatersIs it a bed or a couch?

3. Sci-fi Dine-in Theater, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Sci-Fi-Dine-In-Theater_1Good luck finding any parking.

4. Hot Tub Cinema, London

Hot-Tub-Cinema-photo-21These hot tub cinemas are becoming increasingly popular on the roof tops in London. Grab your friends and go enjoy a movie while soaking in warm bath water.

5. Newport Ultra Cinema, Newport City

newport-cinemaA trippy luxury theater with reclining seats.

6. The Orange Cinema Club, Beijing


dtyrh0zq9zs600g7Made in China.

7. Movie Theater in Paris

cinemas-interior-lodyssée-de-pi__880This movie theater in Paris held a screening of “Life of Pi” where the viewers watched from boats. Everyone was required to wear life jackets as they were warned that the movie could get a little rough.

8. Beanieplex, Malaysia

Beanieplex-TGV-Cinemas-2Bean bag chairs are making a comeback and they’re coming soon to theaters near you.

8 Movie Theaters Around The World With Incredibly Comfortable Seating Arrangements
4.7Down In Front
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