Adrenaline. One of the many hormones that feel so damn good. Everyone’s addicted to something but this is for all the adrenaline junkies out there.

1. Skydiving


Taking a trip in an airplane up to about oh 11,000 feet and then willingly jumping out is the definition of an adrenaline rush. This has had long-lasting effects on me who was once afraid of heights. Jumping out of a plane on your own free will is life changing. You are sitting at the edge of a plane and in an instance you are free-falling through the sky. That initial drop blasts adrenaline into your body and the whole drop down more adrenaline is getting pumped through your bloodstream. Then you reach the ground and the endorphins kick in and you feel like you can take on the world. So, next time you need a change of pace, go jump out of a plane mid-flight.


2. Fly

heli cockpiy

On the flip side of skydiving take a seat in the cockpit and take a flying lesson. It’s a crazy feeling knowing that you are controlling such a large vehicle that is soaring through the sky. In that moment you basically own the sky. The adrenaline kicks in when you get full control of the plane or helicopter and determine whether you fly or die. Also, the view you get is unreal. The balance between trying to take in the beautiful scenery and not plummeting to your death is really quite a nice balance.


3. Repelling


There are places where you can be hooked up to a line and repel down a 100 ft waterfall. How cool is that? Bouncing down a rocky surface with water coming down all around you sounds crazy. The fear of your feet slipping and the fact you are slowly repelling from 100 ft in the air will get that blood pumping in no time!


4. Dirt Bike/ATV

dirtbike moves

Ahh one of my personal favorites. Just thinking about the sound of the engine roaring as you are flying through a trail or track at anywhere from 10-50 mph gives me a hard on for some adrenaline. Especially when you are starting to get into rough terrain or going off of jumps it can really get you amped up. This is an awesome hobby for the adrenaline junkie.


5. Zip Lining


Now this might not sound as extreme as some of the other things on this list, but trust me it can be bad to the bones. If you’re thinking of a 25 ft long zip line you are thinking wrong. I’m thinking of a 100 mph, 500 ft long zip line over Wales. Now that is some intense stuff that only us bad mamajama adrenaline junkies want to give a try.


6. Zero Gravity in Space


No your eyes are not deceiving you or playing tricks on you. That’s right, some genius made it possible for civilians to fly in a ship that makes a number of maneuvers near the stratosphere in order to give about 30 seconds of weightlessness each time. This activity you will have to break the piggy bank open for, but the true adrenaline junkie will find a way to make this dream a reality.


7. White Water Rafting



This is one that’s next up on my personal list. From what I hear this is quite a good group trip and can get really intense. This is a battle against a strong force of nature that wants nothing more than to violently throw you off the little rubber raft that you are traveling on. Not only are you holding on for dear life and paddling away trying not to get put into a river flowing rapidly, but regardless you will be bouncing around and getting a good workout in the process.


8. Running With The Bulls

running with the bulls

What will get you going more than having to run from a large animal that can ram you and easily trample you to death. I would highly recommend getting that cardio up if you plan on doing this, but it is definitely a must on the bucket list because it will surely be an experience you never forget, assuming you make it out alive.


9. Sand Boarding


You can ride a board down sand dunes just as if you’re snowboarding, but the kicker is its a nice couple hour hike up to the top of a hill to ride it down like a madman. You can build up some crazy speeds and this is a unique alternative to snowboarding that will get the adrenaline pumping just as much if not more.

9 Things Every Adrenaline Junkie Needs To Do Before They Die
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