Part magazine, part blog, DivertMe – your daily distraction – is where style, content, and creativity come together for your amusement. We offer lists, articles, pictures, videos, and infographics on anything and everything our staff can think of. We’re here to provide you with facts, laughter, advice, insight, news, and trends with an emphasis on top-shelf entertainment. DivertMe is your distraction when you need it most.


Only the most ridiculously talented people you’ll ever meet. Just kidding, we’re alright. DivertMe is run by a group of 20 somethings looking to fill your time with creative shareable content at a very affordable cost of $0. You give us some of your time and we will continue to give you great content. You can thank us later.


Well, someone has to provide you with your daily dose of distractions right? Doctors recommend that you should take your distractions in healthy amounts; twice at once, and at least three times a day. Side effects may include laughter, addiction, procrastination, and the overwhelming desire to share when taking your virtual vitamin. Please use irresponsibly.