Whether it be the coast of Southern Europe or the good old Jersey shore, our love for the beach is undeniable. A cold drink in your hand and your feet in the sand make the problems and stress of everyday life seem obsolete. Ranked by a few surveys, here are the most highly rated beaches on the planet.

1. Baia do Sancho


Located in Fernando de Noronha, Brazil, this paradise features sparkling, emerald waters, natural coral reefs, and most surprisingly, seclusion. It is actually so difficult to reach this beach that it’s usually fairly empty, as travelers would have to follow a dirt trail, climb down an old ladder through a rock wall, descend down a few more treacherous ladders, while concluded by trotting down slippery steps. The journey seems to be worth it after looking at the amazing views and untouched beauties that this location has to offer.

2. Tavarua


One of Fiji’s most supreme beaches, this spot promotes all the diving, snorkeling, and fishing you can want or just laying out with a cooler of beer next to you. The crystal clear sea has vibrant, healthy sea life in breathtaking, undamaged coral reefs. The island is interestingly enough shaped like a heart from an aerial view (another reason people must love it there).

3. Grace Bay


This tropical haven is located in Turks and Caicos, a popular vacation spot, and offers a seamlessly never-ending coral reef with an unbelievable amount of sea life, as well as white sand beaches. The water ranges from all shades of green and blue, with it being hard to walk out and not see your feet below you. On other sides of this island, you will find almost untouched, spectacular beaches, but Grace Bay is one of the most popular tourist locations providing year round fun in the sun.

4. Rabbit Beach


This curiously named beach is located in Lampedusa, Sicily. Sporting some of the softest, most powdery sand, this spot is truly remote, being a whopping 105 miles away from mainland Italy! Instead of finding rabbits hopping around, one is likely to spot loggerhead turtles roaming the surrounding rocky terrain. The luminescent Mediterranean sun shines down on the scenic outlook with prehistoric huts and Roman ruins only a town away for added adventure.

5. Clearwater Beach

The Coast Room Double

Back in the United States, Clearwater Beach in Florida has amazingly soft sand that perfectly meets up with the warm Gulf water. This conveniently located beach is known for its small town atmosphere, popular marine aquarium, and delectable restaurant cuisine. With nothing but fun and exploration ahead, this spot is perfect for the whole family!

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