Trends come and go, but as we near the end of Winter 2015, we can all recognize a few popular men’s hairstyles that stick out. Whether short or long, curly or straight, your barber or stylist has probably given tons of gentlemen these haircuts. Let’s take a look at some male hairstyles that you can recognize on your favorite actor or college crush.

1. Short and Slicked

Slicked-Back-Hairstyles-with-Undercut-2014  embedded_david-beckham-undercut-hairstyle

One of the newest trends of 2015, the short and slicked look can be applied to almost any hair type. In this style, the sides and back are cut shorter, or buzzed if preferred, while the top is left longer. The shorter the sides, the more dramatic and attention-grabbing look you will achieve. This style is easy to maintain by simply towel drying and adding some moisturizer. Applying gel will give you even more of a slicked look, whether parting hair on the side or just combing back.

2. Shaggy

mens-hairstyles-long-at-back-short-on-top embedded_Jesse-Spencer-Medium-Shag-Haircut

Shaggy, not from Scooby Doo (but similar hairstyle now that I think about it), is suitable for any face shape and hair type. Layered, long hair with a typical side bang that blends in with the rest of the haircut will cover up any large forehead and attract all eyes up top. Apply some mousse for desired volume and you’re done. It’s definitely one of the easiest styles to maintain if you’re willing to grow your hair out.

3.  Undercut


One of the classier styles on our list, the undercut style features short crop cut sides and back with longer front layers. A modern take on Elvis Presley’s famous haircut, the top is left long to either be put into a mohawk, left curly. or combed back. This bold look requires a little texture and can be shaped any way, any day. (Maybe a perfect reflection of your daily mood?)

4. Curly

easy-short-hairstyles-for-men-with-curly-hair-2015-classy-hairstyles-for-men-with-curly-hair  Messy-Medium-to-Long-Hair-2015

For those guys with naturally curly hair, you’re in luck. Curly is in for 2015. Whether short, medium, or long curls,  moderately fluffy, tight curls can be seen everywhere. Longer and medium curls require some frizz control, which can be remedied in hydrating shampoos and conditioners, but are definitely worth the work.

5. Long Bang

mens-hairstyles-short-on-sides-medium-on-top-26537804  edc53973f445c4ef3d3d29712e1b467e

Growing the top of your hair out while keeping the sides short allows you to experiment with one of many trendy hairstyles. With some texturizing and wax, you can easily sweep your hair to one side for an elegant look, or push up for a more funky image. Adding a bit of product to your palm lets you push your bangs in any direction for desired effect.

6. Layered

mens-medium-curly-hairstyles-2015  2012_2013_mens_hairstyles_trends_fashion_haircut

The layered look has been popular over the past few years, but added versatility and texture give men the choppy look that says “I just got out of bed, but my hair still looks great”. You can either go for an elegant, relaxed look with all hair to one side, or more messed up portrayal by adding a little product on your crops and playing around with your hair. Either way, you’ll be the envy of every guy who thinks he puts too much work into his hair and the want of every girl looking for a guy that has his life and his image on lock.

Most Trendy 2015 Winter Men's Hair Styles
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