Its that time in the NBA season, the playoffs! Well I am here to give you the simplest first round playoff predictions. Now please DO NOT go by my predictions for your miscellaneous sports betting. I can’t afford a lawsuit for false information. Anyway, here we go!

Western Conference

1 Golden State Warriors VS 8 New Orleans Pelicans

It is going to be fun to watch Anthony Davis try his best Hornets-Chris Paul impression and attempt to carry this team all by himself in the playoffs. But seriously, the Warriors…

Golden State in 5


4 Portland Trail Blazers VS 6 Memphis Grizzlies

This is definitely going to be one of the more fun matchups, both talented teams with a lot of fun players. Blazers have too many injuries and lack of depth, the Grizzlies are just too good.

Grizzlies in 6


2 Houston Rockets VS 7 Dallas Mavericks

Ughh this is a tough first round one. I really want to go Dallas here but they lost a step. Besides who can deny the Beard??

Rockets In 7


3 Los Angelas Clippers VS 5 San Antonio Spurs

I am really sorry to the Clippers for getting this first round matchup; I just do not see their time coming in the stacked west. You can never sleep on the Spurs. They always get hot at just the right time.

Spurs in 6


Eastern Conference

1 Atlanta Hawks VS 8 Brooklyn Nets

I am a big Nets fan, I am. But come on, they stand no chance against the mini-spurs. They were lucky to get into the playoffs, and they will be lucky if they win one game.

Hawks in 5


4 Toronto Raptors VS 5 Washington Wizards

I definitely see this as one of the more exciting yet underrated series in the first round. So much talent, and so much speed. I feel the Raptors are the better team, but the Wizards have far more playoff-experienced players. Going to be good.

Wizards in 7


2 Cleveland Cavaliers VS 7 Boston Celtics

Come on…

Cavaliers in 4


3 Chicago Bulls VS 6 Milwaukee Bucks

The Bulls are banged up and do not sleep on the young Bucks and J. Kidd. I see this going farther than most, but if the Bulls are anything, it is resilient. I see them pulling it out with a tough series.

Bulls in 6


To wrap this up, this is how I predict the second round to shape up. More predictions to come, enjoy!

1 Warriors VS 6 Grizzlies

2 Rockets VS 5 Spurs


1 Hawks VS 5 Wizards

2 Cavaliers VS 3 Bulls

Quick Prediction For The First Round Of The 2015 NBA Playoffs
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