The handshake is a huge part of the American culture. I’m not talking the handshake you do with your boys. I’m talking the handshake you have with potential employers, your grandfather, or your future father-in-law. The man handshake; It shows character. Your handshake says a lot about yourself.

The Firmness

When you shake hands you should all know that you have to come in firm. Not too strong where you squeeze the blood out of your partner. I’m talking solid palm to palm squeeze where they know you mean business. And don’t bother coming in with that weak stuff. Don’t bother shaking hands if you’re going to offer up a slippery fish for a hand.

The Length

You want the length of the handshake to be just long enough to give each other time to get a good read on each other. But beware that handshake lingering too long. You don’t ever want to reach that awkward point where you don’t know who’s going to end the shake first. Tread carefully.

The Approach

This actually is the most important part. When you initiate a handshake there are three ways to do so. You can bring your hand from up high, from down low, or right at waist level. I will tell you why. When you bring your hand from a higher point than the other person you are dictating that you are in charge. You’re telling them you’re in control. Only use this in certain situations (like meeting your girl’s ex). The next type is when you bring your hand from a lower point than your partner. This situation you are giving that person power. Best to use with your boss, or whoever’s ego you feel you need to stroke. Finally it is best to approach on an even plane. This lets them know you are equals. There is a mutual trust and respect between the two of you, ideal to use with a best friend.

You might be thinking that I’m crazy for thinking all of this psychology and power scales goes into a simple handshake. But trust me a lot of thoughts run through a person’s head during a handshake. It’s who you are, and it’s your best shot for a good first impression. Use it to your advantage. May the shake be with you my friends.

The Importance Of The Handshake
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